There are things you get to live only in nature that fill you with wonder, quietness or joy. But sometimes, nature leads us to absolutely astonishing things that lift in us states beyond the ordinary. We can define these feelings as “spiritual experiences”. Such rare moments that bring your mind and feeling absorbed into a space of inner revelation. It is the encounter of the eye watching the dawn of creation, the inner genesis or the making of the world of existence. It is the encounter that every one of us awaits.

Behind the emotions, hidden through thoughts, in a glimpse of a moment you must have the courage to sacrifice everything and watch it all through the cold eye of the camera. This is as if you steal a moment from Eternity to offer it to humanity.

Maybe this is why photography was invented and this may be the photographer’s reason to exist. Who knows?...Maybe Prometheus was a photographer.

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

Sunt lucruri pe care le traiesti in natura si care te umplu de uimire, de liniste sau de bucurie. Insa uneori natura ne conduce catre lucruri absolut impresionante si ridica in noi trairi dincolo de limitele firescului. Putem numi aceste trairi - “ trairi spirituale”. Sunt acele lucruri, atat de rare, in care mintea si sentimentul sunt absorbite intr-un spatiu al revelatiei interioare. Este intalnirea in care ochiul priveste catre zorii creatiei, catre facerea proprie sau catre geneza lumii in care fiinteaza. Este intalnirea pe care o asteptam fiecare din noi.

Furisat printre emotii, pitit printre ganduri, pret de o clipa trebuie sa ai curajul de a sacrifica totul si de a privi prin ochiul rece al aparatului foto. Lucrul acesta e ca si cum ai fura Eternitatii o clipa si apoi ai darui-o oamenilor. 

Poate ca pentru asta a fost inventata fotografia si poate ca pentru asta exista fotograful. Cine stie?... Poate ca Prometeu era fotograf.

Cosmin Ionescu

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